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Type of ancient games

by Admin

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Pallankuzhi is played by dropping shells into pits on a board, This has a very old history. This is an entertaining way to improve mathematical, Memory Skills, Motoring skills, Dynamic thinking, etc

Paramapadam is been played since the Tamil epic period. It teaches the lesson that Life is full of Ups and Downs and only by consistent effort one can attain glory. According to the current generation, It's designed in such a way that all the Good attitudes push the man to the top whereas the bad attitudes bring him down. 

Aadu puli attam (Goat and Tiger Game) is a Tamil Types Strategy game. It is played under different names in South Asian countries including India. It is played in a draft with specific phases. On the floor of the suburbs, they will paint these blocks with limestone or sock.


Nooran Kuchi :This is a vintage game of the 1980s of South India and is played in other Countries too with different names.  This was also known by the name of “Noothanguchi”.  This is a completely fun game as well as a very interesting one. This teaches the Kids hand Eye coordination and improves the concentration power of kids. This is a good mind rejuvenation game that can be played in circles. Playing this game is a good exercise for the eyes