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Botanical Name            : Desmostachya bipinnate

English Name                 : Darbha Grass  

Tamil Name                    :  darbhaipul

Hindi Name                    : डाभ / Dabh

Malayalam Name        : darbhappullu

Telugu Name                 :  Aswalayana


About Darbha Grass:-

Darbha is a tropical grass considered a sacred material in Vedic scriptures and is said to purify the offerings during all kinds of rituals. It is fact that Buddha sat on the Dharba mat under Bodhi Tree to get enlightenment. Dharba is believed to keep off the negative energy and that is why it gets special attention during Solar /Lunar eclipses.   


Benefits of Dhaibai Seat Matt:-

  • Darbai Grass seat matt is perfectly designed for chairs that keep you off from negative energies.
  • Hand-woven with 100% natural Darbha grass and cotton keeping you connected to the Earth
  • 100% Natural, biodegradable, eco-sustainable, and woven through fair trade methods

Package Specification:

Model Name

Dharbai Chair Matt

Dimensions (L*B)

40 cm * 42 cm


200 grams

Country of Manufacture