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Silambam is a weapon-based Martial art that originated from Tamil Nadu in South India. Tamil Nadu has a rich tradition and heritage which spans a period of over three thousand years. So we have our own Distinct Bravery games, sports, art, architecture, dance, etc...

The portion of Silambam in Independence of India;-

The soldiers of Kings Puli Thevar, Veerapandiya Kattabomman, and Maruthu Pandiyar (1760-1799) relied mainly on their Silambam prowess in their warfare against the British Army. Indian martial arts suffered a decline after the British colonists banned Silambam along with various other systems. They also introduced modern western military training which favored firearms over traditional weaponry. During this time, Silambam became more common in Southeast Asia than in its native India where it was banned by the British rulers. The ban was lifted after India achieved independence. Today, silambam is the most famous and widely practiced Indian martial art.